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Here's How It Works:

  1. Once you have registered your order on the form above, you will then need to send the total payment via an e-transfer for the appropriate quantity you requested. (1 order of fish & chips = $12, etc.)
  2. Go to your banking page online (whoever your bank is) and click on the link called Interac e-Transfer  
  3. ADD The Legion in the name field, with rclbranch605@gmail.com as the email address plus fill in the total amount for the orders you booked.
  4. Hit submit.
  5. You should then receive a confirmation email from your bank that The Legion has accepted the payment and you can print this email as your receipt. (If you do not have a printer, no problem ... we will have a record of your payment once you check in on Saturday, June 6th). 
  6. On Saturday, July 4 ... Park your car, head towards the Back Door (under the overhang) where you can show your payment receipt from the bank.
  7. A Legion member will confirm your name, your order and payment. EXACT amount of cash may be paid at this time if an e-transfer has not been made. However, we will not be able to make change this night. 
  8. You will then receive your Curb-Side Fish Fry order.

Thank you so much for supporting The St. George Legion ... we certainly appreciate your business!

The Legion FISH FRY is now  SOLD OUT!
Thank You to everyone who supported our Curbside Event. 
We truly appreciate your participation. 
Please remember to practice social distancing as you wait in the queue for your reserved pick-up time and don't forget to bring your verification emails for the folks at Order check-in.
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, July 4th and again THANK YOU for your support!