This block is composed of a poppy behind a cross on a black background. The Silver Cross in the centre resembles the Memorial Cross, awarded to mothers and widows of soldiers who died on active duty.
Quilt Address:     36 MAIN ST SOUTH, ST GEORGE , ON


The Joseph Smith Memorial Garden was formed in 1990, named after Joseph Smith, an award-winning lily grower and hybridizer who lived in St George. In 2010, it was moved and now has more than 500 plants of 100 varieties of lilies.
Quilt Address:     20 CHURCH AVE, ST GEORGE , ON

Ontario Barn Quilt Trails

Barn Quilt Trails

Ontario Barn Quilt Trails

St George Barn Quilt Trail


In the 20th century, farmers realized that their land was well-suited for apple production. Orchards in operation today concentrate on the fresh apple market, with culled fruit being used for cider production.
Quilt Address:     356 ST GEORGE ROAD, ST GEORGE, ON


Carolinian is a label used within the Deciduous Forest Region. The quilt block features the leaves of Pignut Hickory, American Sweet Chestnut, Black Walnut and Sassafras.
Quilt Address:     93 HIGHWAY 5, ST GEORGE , ON


This block represents the rich fertile soil of the area and the blue sky the appeasing climate for agricultural crops.  The yellow background and corn represents the golden harvest of the crops grown in the area.

Quilt Address:     42 ST GEORGE ROAD, ST GEORGE, ON


The St. George Branch was formed in 1879. It went into severe decline between the two World Wars. Plays were produced in the town’s Memorial Hall to raise funds for new books. In 1999, it moved to its new spot at 78 Main Street, North.
Quilt Address:     1 THOMPSON ST, ST GEORGE , ON


People from miles around came to the St George well for gallons of fresh clean water. The well was closed around 1990, after the all-day and all-night crowds to the well became disruptive to the neighbours.
Quilt Address:     9 MAIN ST NORTH, ST GEORGE , ON


The barber pole on the block represents that of a barber shop that cuts hair and does shaves. The mainstay tool of the barber was the scissor, hence the dominant centre location in the barn quilt block.
Quilt Address:     312 HIGHWAY 5, RR1, ST GEORGE , ON

BELOW, is The St George Barn Quilt Trail ... just one of many Barn Quilt TRAILS in Ontario. This one has 12 destinations where the Quilts are displayed as Poster-Boards on buildings within this area and these can be viewed from your car as you Tour About the countryside.


The Railway in St. George began in 1852. It brought goods and carried passengers to and from their daily activities. Passenger service was discontinued in 1930; freight service in the 1960’s; viaduct was dismantled in 1963.
Quilt Address:     5 BEVERLY ST WEST, ST GEORGE , ON

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While buildings and equipment are ever-changing in the fire service, one constant is the spirit of volunteerism and dedication that has been an outstanding characteristic of the St. George firefighters from 1912 through 2014.
Quilt Address:     239 HIGHWAY 5, ST GEORGE , ON


This quilt represents the history of hockey in South Dumfries and the four individuals in the St George area who have been associated with the NHL: Tommie Ivan, Don (Donnie) Johns, Tom Fergus, Adam Munro.
Quilt Address:     7 GAUKEL DR, ST GEORGE , ON


This block features a motif of crossed wrenches, sable, on a ruby field, surmounted by a toothed gear. The wrenches and gears are examples of the tools and agricultural implements created in St. George.
Quilt Address:     41 MAIN ST SOUTH, ST GEORGE , ON